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The Death of the Economy: Is money more important than a real economy?

Has Money become a commodity and bypassed the real economy?

Today you hear that you need to invest in order to make money. Or you need to beat inflation.

While these above statements are totally correct it shows that we have finally entered the last phase of the falling dollar global reserve currency.

The money changers have taken over the world and both the vibrant businesses and the people working in them is not needed anymore as you can make money with money!!

The age of darkness is upon us if we continue to let the FIAT Currency system last any longer. It is time to gather and help each other understand how important a real and a free economy looks like. If you created something of value like a product, food or were mining a material don’t you agree that you should get paid for that skill accordingly to how much demand it was for what you were doing?


Today we are not in need for people that make something or a real economy of commodities that are important to us. No, we really only need money to make more money. If you have money you can leverage that money aka. take out a loan out of thin air to invest in something like a paper stock or even crazier a derivative of a derivative of a derivative of the bet on that stock to go up or down in value. The FIAT Currency has fully digested the last need for human being to create something of real value to grow the world to become a better place.

Before I go deeper into this topic I would like to make a point that commodities are way more important than any money as we need many commodities to survive. Water, food, wood and concrete for shelter, oil, wind or gas for energy and more. We tend to become disillusioned about reality when greed kicks in and we will do whatever it takes to protect ourselves and leave anyone behind just to accumulate more and more of something.

That is where money is going and it’s separation from a economy that only survive if something real is produced to make it live, that is when you have entered into the space of no return and a hole has been dug so deep that you can never get out of it without dying.

We are headed in the direction of the death of “Money” or FIAT Currency as it should be called. With no resemblance to any real value the dollar, yen, euro and pound are heading for another hole and their death as many hundreds of alike currencies before them. When you do not need to provide value to society in order to earn currency you have then given the power over to elites that controls the world by controlling the monetary system. The can make money with money and suddenly millions of people are laid off. On top of that in order to make you not revolt you are put in slave labor camps like Wall Mart, Mc Donald’s and many other minimum wage companies who survive only because you are getting subsidies from a government who can’t even pay the bills of those subsidies as it has to continue to borrow money until people say enough!!!!

When governments get involved in deficit spending that is the next phase of the death of a FIAT Currency. Deficit Spending simply meaning you spend more money than you own or you have maxed out your credit card. What does desperate people who have maxed out their credit cards do? They get a new credit card to pay the old one. That is exactly the way most countries governments work today and they have no intention of stopping as if you have unlimited borrowing power it is hard to stop the addiction of something that is there for free and can be created out of thin air.


Humanity has not learned and this system will fail soon again, but who will take the control? The Elites or the people? That is entirely up to you. If you let economists, rich big corporations owners and politicians rule you might as well go into the woods and disappear for good as these parasites will only continue what they used to be in the old FIAT Currency system that failed being parasites of the system scything out good money out of the economy until the money that is left is worthless and they have bought up the real economy of commodities and property world wide.

We might see global governance in my life time if we don’t act soon! The IMF wants a global banking system, currency and governance over all countries. It is the ultimate of the parasitic bankers achievement that is waiting to happen as the other Central Banks of the world are maxing out on currency printing and the gambling bankers need to be bailed bout in and out this time. The only Central Bank who sits on a clean balance sheet is the IMF which has Special Drawing Rights in place already! SDR’s is world money and was as recently used as the banking crisis of Ukraine used as a borrowing instrument that will get paid back to the IMF with clauses that might take away peoples freedom and destroy the country so elites can rule.

I believe in an uprising from people who want a real economy and a real control over their life. Letting a government control you only makes things worse and letting central planners of banking control you by printing money and forcing you to borrow from them to buy a car or a house making you a permanent job slave as people have been conditioned to pay back their debt before anything.

debt slavery of the free

What is the solution to the current failing system?

It is most definitely not the same system. And don’t let the people in power convince you by electing them they will solve the problem. There are options out there right now that are very valid, maybe not the best, but they are better than what we have now! Create your own community currency, but when creating it limit the supply by law that cannot be changed by anyone. If the economy grows make sure that you can divide the currency into smaller denominations so you won’t have to print money when more people use it. Use Bitcoin! Bitcoin has the same potential as above and have more and more people using it as it truly stores you value. The only downfall is that if you have Bitcoins now those Bitcoins will have half of their value in 100 years when the bitcoin mining stops. But physical money Gold especially and also silver as you cannot manipulate the real value of a physical metal. The price of these metals we see today is a highly manipulated price based on paper contracts sold in about 93 per physical metal available.

plan what

There are also the other side of thinking as well calling for total control of humans, but there are also someone calling for central control, but giving humans all the incentive to create a better world. This type of system has never been tried. It calls for a lot of social engineering and that is where I believe personally people should be allowed to think freely and choose. That is why we at the economic truth has built a webpage where you can discover all your options. You can see them at

Here are some charts that proves me right on that we just need money to make money:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

History can teach us a lot. The French Revolution was caused by a FIAT Currency called the Assignats. Here is a brief history of what happened before, during and after the French revolutionary war as a reminder that it will happen again!!

French Revolution

The decimal “franc” was established as the national currency by the French Revolutionary Convention in 1795 as a decimal unit (1 franc = 10 decimes = 100 centimes) of 4.5 g of fine silver. This was slightly less than the livre of 4.505 g, but the franc was set in 1796 at 1.0125 livres (1 livre, 3 deniers), reflecting in part the past minting of sub-standard coins. Silver coins now had their denomination clearly marked as “5 FRANCS” and it was made obligatory to quote prices in francs. This ended the ancien régime’s practice of striking coins with no stated denomination, such as the Louis d’or, and periodically issuing royal edicts to manipulate their value in terms of money of account, i.e. the Livre tournois.

Coinage with explicit denominations in decimal fractions of the franc also began in 1795.[6] Decimalization of the franc was mandated by an act of 7 April 1795, which also dealt with of weights and measures. France led the world in adopting the metric system and it was the second country to convert from a non-decimal to a decimal currency, following Russia’s conversion in 1704,[7] and the third country to adopt a decimal coinage, also following the United States in 1787.[8] France’s first decimal coinage used allegorical figures symbolizing revolutionary principles, like the coinage designs the United States had adopted in 1793.

An Assignat for 5 livres (1791)

The circulation of this metallic currency declined during the Republic: the old gold and silver coins were taken out of circulation and exchanged for printed assignats, initially issued as bonds backed by the value of the confiscated goods of churches, but later declared as legal tender currency. The withdrawn gold and silver coins were used to finance wars and to import food, which was in short supply.

As during the “Mississippi Bubble” in 1715-20, too many assignats were put in circulation, exceeding the value of the “national properties”, and the coins, due also to military requisitioning and hoarding, rarefied to pay foreign suppliers. With national government debt remaining unpaid, and a shortage of silver and brass to mint coins, confidence in the new currency declined, leading to hyperinflation, more food riots, severe political instability and termination of the First French Republic and the political fall of the French Convention. There followed the economic failure of the Directoire : coins were still very rare. After a coup d’état that led to the Consulate, the First Consul progressively acquired sole legislative power at the expense of the other unstable and discredited consultative and legislative institutions.

French Empire and Restoration

1814 5-franc coin of the Bourbon Restoration

In 1800 the Banque de France, a federal establishment with a private board of executives, was created and commissioned to produce the national currency. In 1803, the Franc germinal (named after the month Germinal in the revolutionary calendar) was established, creating a gold franc containing 290.32 mg of fine gold. From this point, gold and silver-based units circulated interchangeably on the basis of a 1:15.5 ratio between the values of the two metals (bimetallism) until 1864, when all silver coins except the 5 franc piece were debased from 90% to 83.5% silver without the weights changing.

This coinage included the first modern gold coins with denominations in francs. It abandoned the revolutionary symbols of the coinage 1795, now showing Napoleon in the manner of Roman emperors, first described as “Bonaparte Premier Consul” and with the country described as “Republique Française”. The republican pretense faded fast. In 1804 coins changed the obverse legend to Napoleon Emperor, abandoning his family name in the manner of kings. In 1807, the reverse legend changed to describe France as an empire not a republic. In analogy with the old Louis d’or these coins were called Gold Napoleons. Economically, this sound money was a great success and Napoleon’s fall did not change that. Succeeding governments maintained Napoleon’s weight standard, with changes in design which traced the political history of France. In particular, this currency system was retained during the Bourbon Restoration and perpetuated until 1914.

The French Revolution in story telling mode by Max Keiser and James Turk of Gold Money.


Let this be a lesson for all of you on how history repeats itself!! Winston Churchill said “the further you could look back into the past the further you can look into the future!!”


And to quote one last great mind Einstein “The definition of stupidity is doing something twice or repeatedly the same way and expecting a different result.”

If you hold your wealth in paper it will always go back to it intrinsic value zero. To quote Voltaire.

Join us at The Economic Truth to spread the truth about history and about what is happening today!! On Facebook, Twitter or our Webpage:

John Thore Stub Sneisen

The Economic Truth


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Bitcoin the start of the end for our current Monetary System?

Will Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies be our new currencies in the coming decades??

It is time to seriously start talking about how Bitcoin is a better system than today’s monetary system. It is time to look Economist Paul Krugman and others propaganda screaming of Bitcoin as a pyramid scheme.

krugman funny

To see if Krugman and other Propagandists are right lets put Bitcoin and the current system through the pyramid scheme test.

Bitcoin a Pyramid Scheme?
Bitcoin Today’s Monetary system
Does it need people coming in to the scheme to survive? NO Yes, to pay the interest of the newly created money. And as new people get in you need even more to pay off the interest on their debt. When You can’t get more people in more people lending there will not be enough money to pay the newest created interest and then we see foreclosures and bankruptcies.
Does the people on the top have the control. NO, There is no one at the top making all the money. Yes, the banks and central banks can create money out of thin air destroying your purchasing power. They also earn interest on the money created out of thin air.
Is it something of value “Being sold”? Yes, the computer network creating bitcoins are the backing of the system and is the value of the currencies existance. Yes, the tax payers borrowing money and paying taxes with the money printed out of thin air by new borrowers.
Will it fail? Yes and No. It all depends on the people wanting to use it as money Yes, There will never be enough money in existence to pay off the interest.
Will it be limited? Yes, 21M Bitcoins No, The Central Banks and Bankers can print as much as they want!


Ups. Is my statements true? That today’s monetary system almost works exactly like a pyramid scheme? Here is a recent report from one of the worlds biggest Rating Agencies of Assets writing about how banks create money out of nothing Read Economic Research: Repeat After Me: Banks Cannot And Do Not “Lend Out” Reserves.

J.P. Morgan CEO Dimon leaves the U.S. Justice Department after meeting with Attorney General Holder, in Washington

As I said don’t believe everything you see or read. Take the time to do some research. And last don’t take my word for it! It is important that you take your own time to research and find out how we are getting ripped off by bankers today. At the start when I learned about Fractional Reserve Banking I said no way is that possible it most be one of those crazy conspiracies, but through 6 years of hardcore research I have come to the conclusion that today’s system is built against us and is a Oligarchical system where a few at the top gets most of the money. The 0.01%’s is the ones that are in the charge of the world and here is a chart that shows their moves up as the currencies around the world continue to get “Printed” every single day a loan is made!

inequality1Bingo! Here you can see as soon as we departed with the Fractional Gold Standard not the Old Gold Standard and went full FIAT Currency the top 0.1%-0.01% is moving fast uphill. This is just natural as I said the above the top 0.01% is the ones who benefit from interest and fees. Bankers and a few rich individuals associated with them!

How can we take the power from the Bankers and Oligarchs?

That is a lot easier than people thing and if everyone adapted Bitcoin at ones we would get rid of these upper classes as there are really no one that can print the currency at will and earn interest on it. They might try to but such schemes are only possible for a little as you can print more to cover up your scam.

private money

Bitcoin will account for the failed attempts to sell or buy more of it and as we have seen some Bitcoin Exchanges tried to do. Not having the exact amount of Bitcoin available when you have a run on your exchange, meaning everyone wants their money out then you will be like the 1000’s of bankers throughout history which have a bank run as their absolute worst fear. They don’t have money to cover the depositors money and if many depositors came at ones wanting their money back the banking system is toast!

Is Bitcoin Easier to use?

Bitcoin is not as easy as money to use yet, but it is getting very close and the more people and money that pours into Bitcoin the faster we get newer and greater solutions!

Bitcoin is way faster and instead of waiting for days for many transactions to clear Bitcoin usually does it in under 15 minutes!!! And without massive fees!! It is a revolution to money! It is like having a land line for your internet and then suddenly you got Fiber Optics. It is night and day!

old vs new

Bitcoin can have a lot of added features to it on top, not making it only money, but also a tool for contracts, financial transactions and many many more things. Bitcoins can be used through your laptop like online banking, through your smartphone if you have a online wallet and can also be transferred between people without the need of internet.

Bitcoin doesn’t have a massive amount of Capital in it right now, but as we see new Bail Outs and then the start of BailIns the people will actually move into Bitcoin at a very fast pace. There is already legislation to take your money through BailIn in Canada, New Zealand, EU, UK and the US. So you should probably read the budgets if you live in these countries.

Canadian Bail Ins

It is a dangerous path to take for the Governments and bankers. The reasoning behind bail ins were that they didn’t want to hurt their tax payers, but isn’t the governments taxpayers actually account holders in most of the Too Big To Fail Banks??? YES, wow they think we are stupid!!

Will Bitcoin win?

I think that answer should be straight forward for you! Have you ever seen a old technology be replaced by something better when many people say that will never catch on. I also believe that not only Bitcoin will win, but Countries will shrug off the corrupt bankers and politicians and create their own Crypto Currencies. Bitcoins and alike has come to stay and will only grow stronger as Government interference becomes worse and worse!


If you are curious about Bitcoin go out and meet people that think alike and those who have the knowledge about it. If you do love Bitcoin please start promoting it to people and businesses. A Currency like Bitcoin needs adoption to be something that can replace today’s conventional currencies.

Bitcoin and alike has come to free people from Governments and central control and give us the power to have our wealth stored and not destroyed!!

Take some time to learn about Bitcoin and let everyone that you know know how fantastic Bitcoin really is. We need to cut through corporate media’s pr campaigns to scare people from using it.


If everyone started using Bitcoin today we would live in freedom and have prosperity again. Not falsely driven wealth by debt accumulation which today’s system promote as they benefit and become wealthy as the few controls it not the people!!!

Let me know what you think about Bitcoin! Start the discussion!!Don’t you look forward to they day you can go to your grocery store and prices hardly change?

Let the poor and middle class have equal access to money in a system without interest rate apartheid!!!

John Thore Stub Sneisen

The Economic Truth